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Kolomenskoye - the eighth wonder of the world

Walking tour

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Museum " Kolomenskoye" is a complex of history and culture monument of Russia. It was first mentioned in the testament of Ivan Kalita (1339). As time went by, the village was developed as a favourite country estate of grand princes of Muscovy. The earliest existing structure is the exceptional Ascension church (1532), built in white stone to commemorate the long-awaited birth of an heir to the throne, the future Ivan the Terrible. Being the first stone church of tent-like variety, the uncanonical "White Column" (as it is sometimes referred to) marked a stunning break from the Byzantine tradition. The complex consists of 17 monuments and 12 of them - are preserved part of the architectural ensemble of Royal Mansion XVI-XIX centuries; 4 monuments are wooden buildings brought from different regions of Russia. In 2011, after reconstruction was opened the Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich (father of Peter the Great), which recreated the historic interiors of the XVII century.

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Church of St. George, Front gates, Polkovhichyi chambers, Back gates, Park pavilion, Park gates, Bratsk Stockade Tower, Boris stone from Belarus, Polovets stone idol, Peter the Great house from North Dvina River, Lion's Gates from the Moscow Kremlin .

Terms of the event:

- Cultural Center "Varyag" reserves the right to make changes of the program without reducing the total volume of services.

- Tour will be held for groups of at least 12 people. In case of insufficient minimum number of participants the tour will be rescheduled, everyone who has a ticket will be informed in advance.

- If a participant of the event doesn't appear on time and didn't inform about it in 2 days advance, the ticket to the event considered to be used.

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